Maceys’ Emmerdale exit was a ‘story-led’ decision

Emmerdale’s new producer Stuart Blackburn has promised Ella and Mia Macey will leave the show with a bang.

Stuart has worked as story editor on Emmerdale since 2009 and told Digital Spy that while it was with a heavy heart he was writing the Macey family out, they would get a dramatic send off.

Stuart revealed: “With Mia and Ella, their departures will not be a whimper – they’re going to go out with a bang and in the process, that will change the attitudes and lives of quite a few people for a long, long time.

“It’s all character-dependent and again, the most important thing for me is consequences. There should always be consequences for those who are left behind.”

Stuart added that he felt their departure was the only fitting end to the story of Ella’s affair with toyboy Adam Barton.

He said: “It was absolutely because of the story – that story of Ella and Adam was so explosive. I think sometimes what soaps can do is have great characters and great actors and they’ll tell a story with them, but they’re so afraid of change and that means stories don’t have consequences.

“For me, with a heavy heart, as soon as we saw this story evolving we realised that in order to play it properly, it had to have consequences. We couldn’t do a story that was so big and have everyone happy and acting like it never happened two months later.

“So it was a story-led decision and I do think we’ve had a high quality of actors in the story – some of Ella’s scenes have been magnificent. She’ll be leaving for the foreseeable future, but she’s not going to be killed, let’s say that!”