Maisie and Andy’s dangerous liaison

By playing with Andy is Maisie playing with fire? Emmerdale actress Alice Coulthard tells all.

Does Maisie care for Andy?

“Initially it was a purely physical attraction. It still is, although they do get on well and have a lot of fun together. It’s not a serious meeting of minds though. Andy is Maisie’s ‘bit of rough’ if you like.”

Does she know his wife-beating history?

“She’s heard the rumours plus her family have taken great delight in telling her in the hope it’ll put her off. It hasn’t. Maisie’s not going to dwell on it. She figures what’s past is past. Plus his bad boy reputation turns her on!”

Why does she drop the secrecy about their relationship?

“Her brother Nathan mostly. He tells her to end things with Andy and when she won’t he threatens Andy he’ll make his life miserable if he doesn’t dump Maisie.”

What does she do?

“She arranges a meeting with Andy in the Woolpack and snogs him in full view of the regulars and her family!”

Which only makes things worse…

“Her family gang up on Andy and threaten to turn his farm into a gravel pit. When Maisie finds out she ups the game and threatens if they continue to hassle her and Andy she’ll move in with him.”

Would she really do that?

“Absolutely. She’s serious about moving in with him. She’s sick of the arguments at home and sees being at Andy’s as an escape. She’s never lived Andy’s kind of life before and thinks it’ll be fun and exciting.”

What about Andy’s daughter Sarah?

“Maisie doesn’t seem to realise that Sarah will impact on her life if she moves in with Andy. She quite likes Sarah but she’s not in the least bit maternal. The way she sees it, any responsibilities Andy has as a father will have nothing to do with her.”

Is that why she and Debbie have a fight?

“In a way. Maisie and Andy are in the bedroom and Debbie turns up and finds Sarah on her own. Debbie has a go at Andy then Andy has a go at Maisie. She’s furious and confronts Debbie in the Woolpack.”

And then Diane warns her off…

“She tells Maisie she’s worried all her family stuff could disrupt Andy’s rehabilitation.”

Does Maisie worry the problems with her family could cause him to hit her?

“She doesn’t give that a thought. What he was like with Jo doesn’t figure on Maisie’s radar. She’s not a deep thinker!”

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