Emmerdale’s Alice Coulthard tells Soaplife Maisie suspects the police have the wrong brother locked up…

How is Maisie coping in the wake of her father’s murder?
“She’s devastated. She always hoped he’d come back one day. The fact he’s been murdered is horror on horror.”

Ryan’s been charged with Mark’s murder. Does Maisie believe he’s guilty?
“Maisie’s in a state of complete shock, but Nathan’s poisoning her mind against Ryan so she starts convincing herself he must have done it.”

Has it crossed her mind that her mum might be the killer?
“It’s never crossed her mind that her mum is the murderer. But Maisie does think the way both her mum and brother are acting is very strange. Maisie knows something weird is going on…”

How does she react when Cain tries to persuade her that Nathan is the killer?
“Cain’s suspicious of Nathan because he and Natasha paid him to keep quiet over those flowers and he tells her Nathan is surely the real murderer. Maisie’s outraged, she’s sure it’s Ryan and starts deleting pictures of him off her mobile.”

But something freaks her out… What?
“She finds a phone video taken on the night of Jamie’s leaving party. Ryan is wearing the chain found near Mark’s body which the police consider evidence he was the killer. But the party took place after her dad was killed and Ryan still had the chain. She realises the chain must have been planted and Ryan must have been set up.”

Why doesn’t she go to the police?
“She shows the video to Natasha, but she surprises Maisie by telling her to forget about it because nothing can help Ryan. It’s a very odd reaction and Maisie can’t help but be suspicious.

So then she does go to the police…
“Nathan says he’ll go with her but when they get there she realises her phone’s gone. At first she thinks she must have been careless, but then she wonders if Nathan took it… and she’s right, though she doesn’t know it. She starts asking around if anyone else has photos of that night, unaware that back at home Natasha is deleting the footage from her phone.”

Will Maisie fight to prove that Ryan is innocent?
“She’ll do what she can to help Ryan.”

What if she discovers that her mother is the murderer?
“She’d be in extreme shock with so many emotions – grief, betrayal, intense hurt…”

If it came to it would she stick up for her mum over Ryan?
“What a question! Natasha’s still her mum and I doubt Maisie could completely turn her back on her.”