Mark Charnock: Mark and Laurel are a perfect match

Emmerdale star Mark Charnock has said that he thinks his character Marlon Dingle and Laurel Thomas are a perfect match.

The pair are finally set to get together after Marlon reveals that he is set to follow Paddy and Rhona to New Zealand so he can be near his son, Leo – but Lauren is set to throw a spanner in the works.

“I think they’re really well matched, they’re both quite quirky,” Mark said. “They’re both quite romantic characters in an off-kilter way. They’re both funny.

“I just think it’s a meeting of minds really. They both really get each other, and they’re both people that a lot of the other villagers don’t get.

“They’re both slightly off centre characters,” he added. “And I think they recognise something in each other, that other people don’t. They see the best in each other, and actually it’s not often that you find that in life. I think it’s great coupling.”

However he will still have to break the news to Laurel’s ex-husband Ashley – as well as Rhona and Paddy – that he will not be joining them and son Leo as they head across the world, and Mark said it was unlikely to be plain sailing for Marlon.

“Marlon decides to stay with Laurel and he says ‘I’ll just make it work’,” he revealed.

“Which is a lie. His son’s everything to him and there’s inevitably going to be a moment when he says, “Actually, why am I being made to choose?’ And that’s where it all leads.”