Mark’s secret love!

Emmerdale‘s Maxwell Caulfield reveals Mark admits he can’t live without Ryan…

Is Mark regretting fixing Ryan up with that job in Dubai now he’s about to go?

“Mark has mixed feelings. He’s starting to feel drawn to Ryan. He sees he’s a bit frustrated he’s getting nowhere with Katie and tells him he can confide in him about his problems.”

So he’s acting like his dad?

“Well blood will out. He can’t stop becoming attached to Ryan and this feeling intensifies when Ryan saves Will’s life at the stables.”

Does Mark see what happens?

“Will’s trapped and kicked unconscious by a horse and Ryan rescues him. Mark and Natasha rush to Will’s side and are relieved he’s regained consciousness and seems OK.”

They must both be very grateful…

“Natasha grudgingly thanks Ryan but is still adamant he is to play no part in their lives.”

How does Mark feel about that?

“He’s torn. He storms off to Faye’s to thank Ryan properly. Natasha’s furious but Mark says he can’t pretend Ryan means nothing to him. She’s horrified and makes him promise to stay strong for his real family.”

Will he be able to do that?

“Mark agrees not to see Ryan again but he can’t stay away. The more he gets to know Ryan the more he wants to know and he’s feeling more sympathetic towards Faye – he thinks she’s done a fantastic job raising Ryan.”

And he can’t bear the thought of his first-born living in another country?

“Ryan is his son and he wants him to be around so, acting purely on instinct, he gets his contact in Dubai to cancel Ryan’s job offer.”

How does Natasha react to that news?

“She can’t believe it but Mark tells her he can’t let his son leave. Ryan’s devastated when he hears there’s no job after all.”

There’s the added problem that Nathan suspects Mark’s cheating with Faye…

“He admits to having a fling, but he says it was six months ago and Natasha tells Nathan she knows all about it.”

Faye tries to convince Mark it’s time to tell Ryan the truth. How does he react?

“He’s embarrassed she realises he has feelings for Ryan and Natasha’s seething.”

Sounds like Mark’s lies are unravelling…

“He’s trying not to think about the big picture. It’s just too daunting. And in addition to everything else there’s still a chance he may end up in jail for fraud.”

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