Marlon plans to propose to Carly… then her ex turns up, reveals Emmerdale’s Mark Charnock

Marlon is all ready to pop the question to Carly in Emmerdale when her tall, dark, handsome ex appears and wrecks his plans, reveals star Mark Charnock

Marlon Dingle was as surprised as the rest of us when Carly Hope coupled up with him. Things are going so well, that Marlon plans to propose – until Carly’s handsome ex Matt shows up!

“Marlon has no idea who this person is,” Mark Charnock told Soaplife. “When he finds out, it definitely makes things a little bit more slippery.”

How does Marlon feel about Carly?
“She has turned out to be everything he didn’t expect her to be – kind and heartfelt. She has got his back and is a loyal person.”

Why does he want to get married again?
“He is in love with the idea of love. He has got a family and wants to complete the circle. I don’t think he will ever give up on the idea of finding the girl of his dreams and maybe that will be Carly [Gemma Atkinson].”

But why now?
“It is the gathering of circumstances. He trusts her with his daughter April and he sees the relationship that he has got with her that he didn’t expect. Despite all his insecurities, this woman seems to forgive him all his flaws.”

So it’s love then?
“Yes, they are in love and he is thinking, ‘I could wait another two years to propose, but why because I love her now?’ I think he assumes she will say ‘yes’ because I don’t think he would ask if he wasn’t feeling confident.”

What does he think when Carly’s ex shows up?
“His reaction is one of bafflement. Marlon finds her having this emotionally charged conversation with him and has no idea who he is.”

What are Carly and Matt talking about?
“The death of their baby. Matt [Jack Hickey] is angry that Carly didn’t let him know about their son Billy’s death and Carly says that she didn’t because he had abandoned them.”

How does Marlon react?
“He tries to manhandle Matt out of the pub, but there is a bit of a tussle and Marlon ends up being elbowed.”

Will Marlon still propose?
“He still wants to, but he is going to wait and see how it pans out now.”

Would you like them to get married?
“Yes, I would. Viewers have really taken to them as a soap couple, which is nice. There is nothing more interesting than an unlikely couple where a guy falls for someone who appears to be out of his league. All the ingredients are there for them to make it work, so who knows?”

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