Marlon’s plan to poison Pierce backfires in Emmerdale

Mischevious Marlon! The minute smooth-talking ierce arrived in Emmerdale, Marlon took an instant dislike to him. But after recently discovering Pierce and Rhona have been enjoying a secret affair, he positively loathes him!

Let’s not forget, Rhona is still married to his best chum Paddy even though the estranged couple are barely on speaking terms.

Next week, as Pierce and Rhona rock up at The Woolpack for a spot of dinner, the chef has a cunning idea. What ploy is he cooking up?


When Carly brings over some laxatives that little April needs, Marlon finds himself in possession of some very potent ingredients!


The naughty chef slips some of the pills into the jug of gravy that Pierce has ordered with his meal.


However his dastardly scheme goes badly awry when it’s Pollard who ends up eating the spiked food…


Pollard is livid when his meal gives him a severe upset stomach and he’s forced to spend a lot of time on the toilet! Eww…..The irate B&B owner is soon marching over to confront manager Charity and he announces he’s going to sue the pub for giving him food poisoning!


However Rhona is quick to clock the guilty look on Marlon’s face and Pierce soon works out the meal was meant for him. What will he do about it? Is Marlon about to be publically humiliated and face the sack, or will Pierce get his revenge another way?

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