Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has admitted that his recent storyline on the soap was changed to make Priya Sharma appear to be the villain.

Viewers have seen Matthew’s character David Metcalfe caught in a tricky situation with Alicia Gallagher – whom he married as a friend in order to look after her son while she was behind bars, and Priya who is his actual girlfriend.

While he and Alicia have started to develop feelings for each other, he has decided to end their marriage in order to be with Priya – with tensions set to rise further when they go public with their relationship by kissing in the pub.

However Matthew admittted that the scene changed during filming, to make Priya the one who makes the first move towards David.

“David was supposed to kiss Priya in the pub as a show of affection to her in front of the village,” he said.

“What we ended up doing was having Priya coming over and giving David a kiss while Alicia was out of the room. And then Alicia walks in and catches them.

He added: “We felt it was too much that David would deliberately kiss Priya in front of Alicia, who’s someone he says is his best friend. We felt it would be a step too far for David to do that.

“He’s not a bad person and he’s not as deceitful as that. So we put all the blame on Priya, to be honest!”