Matthew Wolfenden: I’m a romantic at heart

Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has admitted that he would love to see his screen alter ego David end up with his friend Alicia – as he is an old romantic at heart.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror the actor revealed he was ‘getting a lot of stick on Twitter’ over the storyline, which has seen David trapped in a love triangle between Alicia (Natalie Anderson) and his fiancee Priya, played by Fiona Wade.

However he said that in spite of its effect on Emmerdale viewers he was loving the drama.

“It’s been getting the audience quite riled,” he said. “The writers give me a lot of comedy but being given the chance to shout at people is fun too.”

Matthew added that even his real-life partner, co-star Charley Webb – who plays Debbie Dingle – had been enjoying the storyline, despite having to watch the actor getting close to his female co-stars.

She thinks it’s funny,” he revealed. “We’re used to watching each other with different people, and all the girls are friends so it’s fine.”

And he admitted that while both girls had their qualities, ultimately he wanted to see David and Alicia get together – and revealed there was plenty of drama to come after Priya breaks off her engagement and he and Alicia grow closer.

“He gives himself about a day to get over Priya and the declares his love to Alicia,” Matthew said. “They are happy for about five minutes and then it all goes wrong!

“But I’d definitely like him to end up with Alicia. I’m a romantic at heart, although Charley would never say that.”


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