Max and Amanda discuss new Dales duo

Maxwell Caulfield and Amanda Donohoe have been talking about their new Emmerdale characters.

Maxwell and Amanda, who starred in US dramas The Colbys and LA Law respectively, The pair will play glitzy couple Mark and Natasha Wylde, who arrive in the village in January after purchasing Home Farm.

Amanda explained: “By buying Home Farm, you become an employer for the majority of the residents of Emmerdale. So they’re employers, but they’re also going to have to get on with the community and check that people who do work with them are doing their jobs well.”

But it seems that Mark may have got more than he bargained for.

Maxwell added: “Mark didn’t necessarily want this kind of responsibility. Natasha thrives on it.”

Maxwell said that Mark and Natasha aren’t too similar but they work well as a team.

“They compliment each other’s strengths, and possibly make up for each other’s deficiencies. They’re a real team. But they’re a team which certainly thrives on a certain amount of friction between the two of them,” he explained.

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