Emmerdale’s Maxwell Caulfield reveals that Mark is a dead man… but not who does it!

Just before his world crashes down Mark is actually ending his affair with Faye. What changed his mind?
“Mark’s still in love with Natasha… and in love with Faye. He has almost developed
a split personality as a result. But both he and Faye have realised they’ve been trying to rekindle an old love that died 27 years ago and that it’s not going to work.”

It’s not going to work with Natasha either as she finds out about him and Faye. How?
“She finds out he’s lied about going to play golf and she barges into Faye’s cottage just as Faye and Mark are kissing each other goodbye. They say that timing in life is everything and if Natasha hadn’t walked in at that moment Mark would probably have been able to cover his tracks and weasel his way back into Natasha’s life.”

What does Mark do?
“He panics and, instead of telling Natasha the truth, he lies. He makes out that this is the first time he’s kissed Faye. Natasha’s furious – she knows he’s lying. And Faye is furious too because Mark’s not telling the truth again.”

What is the worst part when the truth finally comes out?
“When all three of them find out that Ryan and Maisie are also at the cottage. They’ve been upstairs and when they hear voices they quickly get dressed and start to come downstairs. It’s obvious that Ryan and Maisie have been having a relationship. Natasha has to drop the bombshell and tells Ryan and Maisie they’re related.”

Does Mark blame himself for everything?
“The very idea that they might have consummated their relationship crosses a line for him. It’s another reminder of the consequences of his self-absorbed behaviour. He feels very guilty – especially when Maisie starts vomiting and Ryan says he wants to throttle him.”

What does he think is going to happen next?
“He knows he’s done some terrible things but he’s just hoping that somehow he’ll be forgiven.”

No chance…
“No chance at all! Mark is murdered. I’m not saying how but somebody kills him – Natasha, Faye, Ryan, Maisie and Nathan all have a prime motive but I don’t think anyone’s justified in killing anyone.”

What was it like being murdered on screen?
“Easy because everyone around me was eager to finish me off! Seriously, they were great scenes to shoot. Great writing, great actors and great direction.”

So what’s next for you, Maxwell?
“I don’t like to talk about it just in case I jinx it but there is something in the offing. I’ll be back before you know it. I’ve not gone down with Mark Wylde!”

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