Maxwell explains why Mark wants Faye back

Emmerdale Maxwell Caulfield reveals it’s all going to go horribly wrong for Mark when he promises Faye he’ll leave Natasha… then chickens out!

Mark tells Faye he still loves her. But how can he when he treated her so badly when she first arrived in the village?

“He didn’t know what else to do. He wanted her to leave so he wouldn’t have to confront his feelings. He just wanted things to be as they’d always been with Natasha and their family. But in spite of his aggressive behaviour towards Faye, Mark was very struck by how well she’d fared over the years and he was definitely reminded of why he married her in the first place.”

If he’s always loved her why did he ever leave her?

“Exactly why he left her the way he did is still to be revealed…”

What makes Mark confess his feelings for her now?

“Faye’s flicked the switch by introducing other men into the equation. Mark was jealous of Cain and now he’s bothered by the attention Jai’s giving her. He can’t bear seeing her with other men. I suppose there’s a kind of excitement about his rekindled relationship with Faye. It could be Mark’s having a midlife crisis and he’s reliving his youth by wanting to be with Faye again.”

Does he sleep with Faye?

“Not yet. There’s a very strong lust factor as Mark’s been on very lean rations at Home Farm for a long time. He and Faye kiss but she pulls away saying she only wants to be with him if he’s free to be with her.”

In fact she tells him to leave Natasha for her. How does Mark react?

“He’s in turmoil. The problem is he loves both women. However a gulf has opened up between Natasha and himself – which is inevitable when you consider what’s happened – and the romantic side of their marriage has been dented. This makes it easier for Mark to envisage being with Faye instead…”

So he agrees?

“Well that’s what he tells Faye. He says he’ll end things with Natasha.”

Instead he ends up back in bed with Natasha…

“I know, I know! I’m constantly smacking my hand against my forehead and going ‘Oh no, you bozo!‘ After months of no intimacy between Natasha and himself, it’s clear she wants to get their marriage back on track. Mark’s in even more turmoil after this. He lies to Faye about sleeping with Natasha. It’s such a mess.”

If ultimately Mark chooses Faye, will he tell Ryan he’s his father?

“It’s got to come out. As far as Mark’s concerned, letting all the children know the truth lays very heavily on his mind. As to how they’ll feel about being deceived and betrayed… Ryan and Nathan still haven’t got over believing Mark had an affair with Faye so that doesn’t bode well… at all!”

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