Maxwell: ‘Mark’s lovelife is a motorway pile-up’

Maxwell Caulfield has said Mark Wylde’s lovelife is ‘a motorway pile-up waiting to happen’ in Emmerdale next week.

“There’s a very strong lust factor between Mark and Faye as Mark’s been on very lean rations at Home Farm for a long time,” Maxwell tells Soaplife about next week’s episodes. “Mark and Faye kiss, but she pulls away saying she only wants to be with him if he’s free to be with her.

“Mark says he’ll end things with Natasha.”

But the love triangle gets even more complicated when Mark, instead of leaving Natasha, falls into bed with her instead…

“I’m constantly smacking my hand against my forehead and going, ‘Oh no, you bozo!’” says Maxwell. “After months of no intimacy between Natasha and himself, it’s clear she wants to get their marriage back on track. Mark’s in even more turmoil after this. He lies to Faye about sleeping with Natasha. It’s such a mess.”

And even more secrets are set to revealed about Mark and Faye’s past relationship.

“Exactly why Mark left Faye the way he did is still to be revealed…”

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