Meet Emmerdale’s newest couple

They’re rich, she’s a bitch and he’s pretty cute… Amanda Donohoe and Maxwell Caulfield introduce Emmerdale‘s new Wyldes…

Who’s your new character?

Amanda: “I’m Natasha. She’s a glamorous, stylish ex-model who gave up her career years ago to marry husband Mark, have a family and help run his business.”

Maxwell: “Mark’s a highly successful businessman who’s made his fortune in the City and got out just in time. He and Natasha want a different kind of life so they’ve moved away from the Home Counties and bought Home Farm and all that comes with it.”

What are they like?

Amanda: “Natasha’s forceful and knows her own mind. Some might say she’s a bitch because she’s so strong but she doesn’t see it like that. She just knows what she wants and doesn’t suffer fools.”

Maxwell: “Mark’s more down to earth than Natasha – at least he comes across that way. She’s a bit more feudal! But it’s still something of a ‘them and us’ situation in the village. The Wyldes think they’re quite something and are very used to calling the shots.”

Is their marriage still strong?

Amanda: “They have a grown-up son and daughter and also another son who’s nine. They’re still very much in love with each other – and very much in lust too…”

Maxwell: “Mark bought Home Farm as a thank-you gift to his wife for helping him make his money. Natasha, it seems, has always yearned to be a kind of lady of the manor!”

Who’s nicer – Natasha or Mark?

Amanda: “Probably Mark. He’s softer and not quite so ruthless as Natasha. She relishes confrontation, he doesn’t.”

Maxwell: “Mark’s nicer and certainly more gentle. He’s the diplomat who goes round smoothing things over when Natasha’s caused ructions. He’s no pushover though. You certainly wouldn’t want to mess with him.”

Are there any skeletons in their closets? Any secret affairs or secret children?

Amanda: “They’ve been together for about 25 years but that’s not to say there’s never been any trouble between them.”

Maxwell: “This is Emmerdale we’re talking about so what do you think? I believe Mark does have some kind of past which will inevitably catch up with him. But whether we’re talking a secret affair or even a double life… you’ll have to wait and see!”

Which villager do you think they might each have an affair with?

Amanda: “It’s been hinted that Natasha likes ’em young so it could be one of many… Jamie Hope, David Metcalfe, even Eli Dingle!”

Maxwell: “Natasha’s the most chic woman in the village but maybe Mark secretly yearns for someone who’s completely different from her…”

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