‘Megan’s got Charity hook, line and sinker,’ says Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye

Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye tells Soaplife how Megan thinks she’s found proof that Charity aborted Declan’s baby. But can she convince Declan?

Why anyone would want to protect the brother who used her as a punchbag is anyone’s guess, but Megan does… She’s on a mission to bring down Charity and it looks as if her trusted son and sidekick Robbie helps her strike gold… He finds the address of an abortion clinic on Charity’s sat nav. “Megan think that she’s got Charity hook, line and sinker when she finds this vital piece of evidence,” Gaynor tells Soaplife…

What does Megan do with the evidence?
“She goes round to Home Farm thinking she is going to be really clever with it. She puts it down in front of Charity and says, ‘You can’t deny this’, but Charity being Charity, she fights back. She says it doesn’t prove anything and Megan looks at Declan and pleads with him to believe her, but Charity manages to talk him round.”

So Megan realises she didn’t cause Charity (Emma Atkins) to lose her baby?
“She doesn’t know that yet. It wouldn’t enter her head. She would never believe that somebody could do something that horrific. She had Robbie [Jamie Shelton] when she was young so, for her, that would be morally wrong.”

What does Megan do next in her battle to bring Charity down?
“She and Robbie enlist the help of Tracy. They plan to pay her to help them find more evidence.”

Why can’t Megan just let Declan (Jason Merrells) and Charity get on with their lives?
“Right from day one Megan didn’t like Charity and I don’t think she likes anyone who tries to get close to her brother. She thinks she’s protecting him. I think she secretly wants him for herself!”

She’s so worried about Declan that she has taken her eye off Jai (Chris Bisson). Does she have any idea that Jai is cheating on her?
“She is totally oblivious. She is far too busy focusing on Charity. Let that be a lesson to everyone – never put your sole attention on just one person.”

How far will Megan go to get Charity out of Declan’s life?
“I think she’ll do anything to get Charity out of Declan’s life. Her mission is going to take a sinister turn.”

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