Emmerdale’s Michael Parr reveals all about Ross horror acid attack

Emmerdale actor Michael Parr has admitted that his latest storyline that sees Ross scarred in an acid attack has given him a ‘huge responsibility’ to get right.

It’s wrong place, wrong time, for Emmerdale’s bad boy romeo Ross when he is accidentally targeted in an acid attack. And the incident is set to have far reaching consequences…

What’s the story?

Debbie Dingle has always been Ross Barton’s Achilles heel and his decision to help her get revenge on Joe Tate proves lethal when he is wrongly targeted by one of her heavies and has acid thrown in his face.

“Ross thinks he can be Debbie’s knight in shining armour,” actor Michael Parr has revaeld to Soaplife. “But it goes wrong and he’s attacked!”

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Soaplife’s interview with Michael Parr about the acid attack on Ross

Soaplife: Why does Ross get involved in Debbie’s plan?

Michael Parr: “He still has a bit of a thing for her and she has been massively screwed over by Joe. Ross doesn’t have a family any more and needs to start making some friends.”

S: Why does he change his mind?

MP: “Because of the way Debbie treats him. She is very cold and dismissive – she accuses him of taking baby steps towards getting revenge. Ross wants to play the long game, but Debbie is not patient enough for that. She is so ungrateful, he wants out.”

S: What happens next?

MP: “Cain flies off the handle and he and Ross have a heated row. Because Ross is out, Cain has to help Debbie and agrees to plant drugs at a party Joe is throwing.”

S: Will Ross continue working for Joe?

MP: “Surprisingly, he has enjoyed being around Joe. He takes him to nice parties, pays him well and is very polite to him. It dawns on Ross that he would rather be on Joe’s team. However, Debbie and Joe both turn on him and he feels hard done by.”

S: Why does Joe fire Ross?

MP: “He finds out that he has been in league with Debbie. He is gutted as he was about to stop working for the Dingles and be loyal to Joe. Ross realises that he has messed up. He takes his revenge by stealing Joe’s car.”

S: How does he get hurt?

MP: “Debbie has asked Simon to injure Joe badly. When he sees Joe’s car, he assumes it is his, runs up and throws acid in the driver’s face. It’s Ross.”

S: What do you think of this storyline?

MP: “It is a big responsibility for me and one I was very nervous about taking on. I know it is a reality for some people so it is important to get it right. We want to raise awareness of the consequences an attack like that has on a person’s life.”

S: What’s it like at work now the Barton’s are so depleted?

MP: “It was sad to see everyone go. We came as the four Barton boys, so it is strange that it is just Quinny and I now. We look at each other and say, ‘Listen, we need to work really hard here, or we are going to lose our jobs!’ When Iain our producer told me about this latest twist, I did think ‘Right, I am here for a little while.’”

Emmerdale, ITV

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