Emmerdale’s Michael Parr reveals that Ross Barton turns violent when he learns the shock truth that Moira killed his mum Emma

Emmerdale’s Michael Parr has told Soaplife that Ross loses and goes for Moira after she reveals that she killed Emma!

What’s the story?

After believing that he was responsible for his mum Emma Barton’s death, you’d think that Ross Barton would be relieved to hear Moira Dingle confess it was her all along. He isn’t. Not one bit. He flies into a rage, pins Moira against a wall and only lets go when brother Pete Barton shows up.

“Ross is at the farm helping Moira,” actor Michael Parr tells Soaplife. “When he finds out the truth, he goes into attack mode.”

Will Ross want revenge for his mum’s murder?

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Soaplife’s interview with Michael Parr

Soaplife: So, all this time Ross thought Emma’s s death was his fault?

Michael Parr: “Yeah and that’s been really stressful for him. He didn’t actually push her, but he did believe he’d walked her to her fate. He tried to use what Emma did to Finn Barton as a justification. But as time has worn on, the cracks have started to show and he realises he shouldn’t have handled things in that way.”

S: What makes Moira confess to him?

MP: The police have found a body and they think it’s Adam Barton. Ross is trying to help Moira, as she can’t really cope. She’s in a real mess. The body isn’t Adam, but Moira reveals to Ross that she killed Emma after Moira’s looked at the pictures.

S: How does Ross react to that?

MP: “His reaction is straight off the bat. Ross’s primary function and default setting is attack and that’s what happens. He grabs Moira by the face. I wasn’t allowed to get her by the throat because of compliance. What you see is the strength of his rage.”

S: How does he feel?

MP: “He’s just found out who killed his mum. Had Pete done it, he could kind of understand where he was coming from, but Moira? She does try to explain why she did it, but he just sees red.”

S: What does he make of Moira’s explanation?

MP: “He can fully understand and it brings a whole load of things up for Ross. Moira has always been the reason that Ross had a troubled childhood, so he thinks ‘If it wasn’t for you, my life might have turned out better.’ He is not very good at biting the bullet and accepting responsibility.”

S: Moira’s fate now lies in his hands… Will he rat on her?

MP: “No, because there is family shame there. They’ve all been through so much and Ross just wants a normal life for his son. It’s a pity as Ross was bonding with Moira before she came out with this. She was giving some shares in the farm back to him.”

S: Does he feel guilty about Adam getting the blame for Emma’s death?

MP: “He’s disgusted with Moira for letting Adam take the fall. Ross doesn’t feel too bad, as Adam has escaped, so Ross figures he won’t be behind bars for millions of years.”

S: What about Debbie Dingle… What are his feelings for her now?

MP: “Debbie has barely been there for him. Ross has been so lovely to her. Whenever Sarah’s in need, he goes and does these naughty jobs for them. He gives Debbie all them money and she’s just so cold-hearted.”

S: What’s in store for Ross?

MP: “I’ve got a big story coming up in 2018. It’s the most excited I’ve been about a storyline since I got here.”

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