Natalie J Robb tells Soaplife about the drastic action Moira takes in Emmerdale when she can’t cope with baby Isaac...

After such a traumatic birth, it’s little wonder that new mum Moira Dingle cracks under the pressure and leaves her newborn son, Isaac, at the hospital!

What’s the story?

“The enormity of the situation is too much for her to cope with,” Natalie J Robb told Soaplife. Can Moira bond with her baby and get the support she so desperately needs?

Natalie J Robb reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: Moira is clearly stressed, but why does she leave Isaac at the hospital?

Natalie J Robb: She’s terrified something bad will happen and she can’t cope with any more sadness in her life. She has the baby blues, too, which doesn’t help.

S: How would she feel if social services decided they had to step in?

NJR: “I think she would be distraught, but the baby is driving her insane, so maybe it would be a good thing if social services were to get involved. Their intervention might also encourage Moira to get the help she obviously really needs, but is pretending she doesn’t.”

S: What did you think when you heard about the surprise baby?

NJR: “It’s something very new. When I found out about the storyline, I was taken aback – I wasn’t expecting it and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a fresh challenge for Moira.”

S: What was it like filming the birth?

NJR: “We had a midwife and a medical team on board. But you’re always nervous about doing storylines like that when you have never actually experienced it.”

S: Have you enjoyed all the drama?

NJR: “Yes, but it’s been exhausting. I make sure that I walk the dog when I get home. That’s my way of chilling out before I learn the lines for the next day. “

S: What’s it like working with a newborn?

NJR: “I’ve really enjoyed it. We have to have two babies, because of the long filming hours. They’re both so well behaved and they’ve been very good little actors so far!”

Emmerdale, ITV