‘Moira and Cain never stopped loving each other,’ says Natalie J Robb

Natalie J Robb and Jeff Hordley on the drama ahead for Moira and Cain

Can Emmerdale’s Cain and Moira defy the odds and reunite? As Cain prepares to make a last ditch attempt to win back his estranged, we spoke exclusively to stars Jeff Hordley and Natalie J Robb…

What’s the story?

It’s been a rocky road for Cain and Moira Dingle. What began as a torrid, extra-marital affair has developed into one of Emmerdale’s most epic love stories.

After a series of tragedies tore them apart, the couple have been pulled back together recently by the surprise arrival of son Isaac, and Moira’s confession to Cain that she murdered Emma Barton. But that doesn’t stop the stubborn Scot from announcing that she’s leaving the village this week. Can Cain persuade her to stay?

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As fans hold their breath to see if they’ll finally reunite, Jeff Hordley and Natalie J Robb share their thoughts with TV Times on Moira and Cain…

What makes Can and Moira so right together?

Jeff: “They complement each other. There are similarities between them, but also a bit of a yin and yang thing which makes them work well.”

Natalie: “They bring out different things in each other. He drew out the naughty side in Moira, which was always there.”

Jeff: “Moira listens to Cain and calms him down. With Cain and Charity they would constantly whip each other up, it was all one-upmanship.”

Natalie: “Whereas I whip him up in a different way!”

If they do reunite, do you think they make it work this time?

Jeff: “They’ve been apart long enough to figure out whether they want to make a go of it or not. If they do reunite, they’ll definitely work twice as hard.”

Natalie: “And Isaac is a huge bond.”

Jeff: “They’ve already lost a child, and though Isaac’s arrival was a shock, he’s a real goal for them to work towards in terms of being happy together. They could share great joy in bringing him up.”

Natalie: “Cain and Moira never stopped loving each other; they just went different ways. But now there’s a child involved, they’ll want what’s right for him.”

Has Moira’s murder confession brought them closer?

Natalie:” Definitely. Cain knew she’d killed Emma before she even told him; he knows her that well. She was carrying so much guilt and he’s given her the strength to get through it.”

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Has Isaac has been the biggest turning point for them?

Jeff: “Yes. In the flashback episode to Cain’s childhood, Faith warned him if he doesn’t stand up for his son, he’ll have a similar upbringing to him, and history could repeat itself. Cain is trying to do the best by Isaac and was willing to do it without Moira, but deep down he’s always wanted them to be a family.”

What has been their greatest challenge so far?

Jeff: “Holly’s death was the biggest trauma they’ve faced. Cain and Moira have prevailed over terrible tragedies and stuck by each other. What doesn’t break them could make them stronger…”

Could the truth still come out and tear them apart?

Natalie: “All the evidence pointed to Adam so there’s no evidence against Moira, and what there was has been destroyed.”

Jeff: “There’s no chance of Cain betraying her, but of course he’s not the only one in the village that knows she did it…”

What do you admire about them?

Jeff: “I wish I had Cain’s speed of wit! He’s brilliantly sharp tongued and can put someone down with a great one liner.”

Natalie: “I like Moira’s strength. A lot has happened to her, but she’s very strong and finds her way out of it. I’ve always said that farmers are a different breed!”

And is there anything that annoys you about them?

Natalie: “Moira is so stubborn sometimes, I wish she’d get over herself! She keeps putting the walls up to Cain when it’s obvious she has feelings for him. Her stubbornness can annoy me.”

Jeff: “I struggle with the amount of deceit and lies Cain tells. He does it for what he thinks are the right reasons, but lies are always his undoing. He never learns!”

What’s the best thing about working with each other?

Natalie: “There’s a freedom to it, we like to throw ideas around about how to approach a scene and try things out.”

Jeff: “If you have honesty and trust with another actor, you can go anywhere. We also have a good laugh which is important, and I think we bring out the best in each other.”

Do you sense that the public want Cain and Moira to be together?

Jeff: “It seems to me that the majority of viewers do want them together. When I’m out and about in public, I get a lot of people telling me to get back with her!”

Natalie: “Sometimes on twitter, the ‘Coira’ fans are angry they’re not a couple because the fans feel they work so well together.”

Jeff: “And without the fans we wouldn’t have a show, so it’s good that people like it!”

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By Johnathon Hughes