Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley has confessed that a gutted Cain is forced into a make-or-break decision after a shock announcement from Moira.

Everyone can see that Emmerdale bad boy Cain Dingle and estranged wife Moira belong together. But then Moira makes a shock announcement it leaves Cain reeling… Actor Jeff Hordley has revealed all to Soaplife.

What’s the story?

Faith Dingle is on her son Cain’s case about getting back with Moira and it all becomes too much for Moira. She announces she is leaving the village, but Cain won’t take no for an answer. “When she says she is leaving, it is last chance saloon for Cain,” actor Jeff Hordley tells Soaplife.

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Soaplife’s interview with Jeff Hordley about what’s next for Cain and Moira…

Soaplife: How does he feel about Harriet?

Jeff Hordley: “That relationship has been on and off from the beginning. He has huge pangs of guilt about Harriet. He feels terrible, because she has kept saying that he needs to get back with Moira and he has said ‘no’ all along.”

S: How are things with Moira?

JH: “He loves Moira and I think he was with Harriet to help him get over her. He cared about her a lot and thought it was the right thing.”

S: But it didn’t work…

JH: “No, because he keeps getting dragged back into things with Moira and now Faith is getting involved.”

S: What is Faith up to?

JH: “She tells him that his place is with Moira at the farm but Moira declares that she wants to leave. He is really hurt because he believed there was a chance they could get back together.”

S: Where does Moira plan to go?

JH: “She wants to stay with an aunt in Glasgow. Too many bad things have happened in Emmerdale and she doesn’t want Isaac to be around it all.”

S: Should Moira and Cain reunite?

JH: “Yes, I think they work really well together. There is a really strong bond between them and Moira makes him act like no other woman can. Charity and Cain are a different proposition. Moira grounds Cain. She makes him a better person.”

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