Emmerdale’s James Thornton insists John is happily married… but for how long?

It’s clear to everyone but John that Eve’s after him. Does he really not realise?
“Of course he appreciates she’s easy on the eye and he can’t help but be flattered she seems to fancy him. But he really isn’t looking for an affair. He loves Moira. She’s all he wants in a woman and the family is everything to him too.”

OK… so just how does he end up kissing Eve then?
“He’s giving her a lift home when she comes on to him. She kisses him and for an instant he responds. His blokishness kicks in instead of his brain. He immediately tells her it shouldn’t have happened.”

Does Moira find out?
“Cain sees the kiss, but John has no idea until Moira comes home and tells him what Cain’s told her.”

Does John admit it’s true?
“He goes all quiet. It’s an admission of guilt and she goes mad. She slaps him and chucks him out.”

Surely not for good though… not over just a kiss?
“No, but John doesn’t think Moira’s over-reacting. He deserves it.”

How does he make it up to her?
“Moira calls the shots. She fires Eve from the farm and makes John apologise to the kids about what he’s done. John feels he’s let them down and he’s lost their respect.”

There’s worse trouble ahead for John and Moira when they find out Holly’s been dealing drugs…
“It’s shattering for John and Moira. They were lenient with Holly before and she’s repaid them like this.”

How do they deal with Holly?
“Moira wants her to get counselling but John’s much stricter. He grounds her and makes her help on the farm. If their marriage is going to have problems this is where they will come from. Their relationship is going to be challenged even more than it has been already.”

Might Eve become a distraction for John?
“Who knows? If John and Moira find themselves growing apart a depressed John might prove to be easy prey for the likes of Eve…”