Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb tells Soaplife Moira’s driven to desperate measures to try to save Holly…

Did Moira realise how heavily into drugs Holly was before she disappeared?

“No she didn’t. She thought Holly was just dabbling. Moira’s worried sick as any mum would be… She has no idea where Holly is and what if Holly ODs or something?”

Do Moira and John blame themselves for things getting this bad?

“There’s been a lot of soul-searching but they’re at a loss to understand why Holly’s gone off the rails. They’ve been loving, lenient parents. This must be how real-life parents in a similar situation feel.”

Whose idea is it to get Scarlett to text Holly with an offer of money in order to track her?

“John’s. Moira doesn’t think it will work… and she’s right. John does find Holly but she runs off again so nothing’s changed.”

Do the family immediately think Holly’s behind things when the farm is burgled?

“Moira can’t believe Holly would do anything so terrible. But John and Adam do… because only things like Moira’s nan’s engagement ring, the TV and Hannah’s laptop have been taken. Things Holly knows are the only valuables in the house.”

How do they find out that it was Holly?

“The police show Moira and John CCTV footage of Holly trying to flog their TV. Moira’s devastated. But later she finds Hannah crying as her laptop had most of her coursework on it. Moira feels Holly has no right to do this to the family and decides to get tough… and tells Adam to change the door locks.”

Does John support her?

“He’s furious. He feels they’re pushing Holly away. John and Moira have been falling out over how to handle the whole Holly situation. But they’re a strong couple and eventually John supports her decision.”

Does Moira fear that maybe Holly may never come home again?

“In her darkest moments, yes. She figures after the burglary this is the only way to go. Holly needs help but she has to accept it. It’ll get a lot worse before it gets better…”