Emmerdale‘s Lyndon Ogbourne finds it weird that he receives explicit fan mail for playing nasty Nathan Wylde.

Nathan’s evil antics have included blackmailing his own mother, helping cover up his dad Mark’s death, and framing his half-brother for the murder.

Talking to the Mirror, Lyndon confessed: “It’s weird. Women write in to me saying, ‘You’re the most horrific person I’ve ever seen in a soap and you’re horrible and my mum hates you, but I wonder whether you’re any good in bed’.

“Another woman wrote a letter saying how disgusted she was by Nathan and then went on to be quite explicit about her wanting him to take her to bed. There are some corrupt people out there.

“Obviously a lot of women really like a bad boy, but personally I find it hard to take in the idea of being a heartthrob. Nathan is doing horrific stuff – it’s difficult to understand that people find him fit.”

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