Natalie Anderson wants Emmerdale wedding

Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson has revealed that she would love to see her character Alicia properly married to David – but that the ‘third wheel’ in their relationship will make it difficult.

Viewers have seen the pair enter into a marriage of ‘convenience’ which allowed David, played by Matthew Wolfenden, to take care of Alicia’s son Jacob while she was in prison.

He is now engaged to new love Priya Sharma, although Natalie said she still had hopes the two of them would get together for real – provided Alicia’s sister Leyla did not show up to spoil things.

“Ultimately, I would love Alicia and David to properly get married,” the actress admitted.

“We’ve always got someone in the background. Leyla is Jacob’s real mother and David absolutely loved Leyla to bits, she broke his heart.

“So I think that’s why I’d like them married, because there’s always that third person lurking around, to throw a spanner in the works.”

Natalie also revealed that she is not the only one who would love to see romance blossom between the pair – adding that fans of Emmerdale also wanted it to happen.

“Everyone I meet, everywhere I go, says, ‘When are you going to be with David? You have to be with David’,” she said. “Women especially say that to me, they’re so upset.

“I went shopping the other day and so many people came up to me and said, ‘You need to give Priya a smack! Why’s that David being so stupid?!’

Natalie added: “It’s so funny and it is lovely that the audience are supporting Alicia, considering she is a bit crackers and very hot headed.

“But I think they see she’s a good mum, and she would have been a very good wife, that’s all she wants in life. Yes she’d probably argue like cat and dog, but she would be a good wife and mother.”

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