Emmerdale actress Natalie J Robb has said that her character Moira Barton sees her affair with younger man Alex Ross as ‘just a bit of fun’.

Kurtis Stacey, who plays Alex, has hinted that his character’s feelings for Moira run deeper – but Natalie admitted her alter ego doesn’t feel the same way.

“Moira thinks it’s a bit of fun because she doesn’t think anybody will ever find out,” the actress said.

Natalie added that Moira – who was tragically widowed when her husband John (James Thornton) was killed in a car crash – was capable of finding love again, but ultimately she wanted a man who reminded her of the one she married.

“He would have to be on the same wave as John. He’d have to be that strong kind of man, good with children, able to make her laugh,” she said.

“Moira’s obviously changed a lot since her affair with Cain. He did bring out the mucky Moira in her, her sexy side which did lie dormant for a bit within the marriage.

“She and John had something else over time. So somebody would have to fill his boots and be similar to him, even physically.

However she did offer a shred of hope for her and Alex’s future.

“Alex isn’t terribly unsuitable,” Natalie admitted. “He’s always been familiar to her, he’s been on the farm, he knows Adam, he knew John. So he sort of fits in and that’s a comfort to her.”