Natalie: ‘Moira tells Adam to dump Ella – or else!

Emmerdale‘s Natalie J Robb reveals to Soaplife how Moira warns son Adam to do what she says… before it’s too late!

Moira just about coped with Holly’s drug addiction; now she has a whole heap of new worries when she finds out that her precious son’s having a secret affair with his girlfriend’s mother. “Ella is Moira’s own age… that would be a shock for any mum,” Natalie tells Soaplife. But she insists Moira’s going to sort it. “It’s a mother’s job to deal with what gets thrown at her,” she says. Which, roughly translated, means look out Adam – and Ella!

How does Moira find out Adam and Ella are secret lovers?

“She sees them kissing passionately in a car. She’s in so much shock. When she gets Adam alone she wants to know what on earth he’s doing. He’s dating Ella’s daughter Mia for heaven’s sake! But there are also the business implications.”

Is she worried Declan won’t let John buy the farm if he finds out?

“Absolutely! And that would land the Bartons in a lot of trouble. That this hasn’t occurred to Adam – when his dad has been trying so hard to buy the farm for the family – strikes Moira as incredibly thoughtless and selfish.”

We get the feeling Moira’s disappointed in him…

“I think she is. She calls Adam her little ray of sunshine. He’s her only son and you know what mums are like with their boys.”

Who does Moira blame most for the mess: Adam or Ella?

“She never particularly liked Ella. Moira’s had to struggle and she thinks Declan and his family never have. Also, Ella’s betraying her own daughter and Moira can’t see how any mum could do that.”

So Moira likes Mia?

“She’s got used to Mia and she’s pleased for Adam because she seems to make him happy. And that’s all she really wants for her children.”

Why doesn’t Moira tell John about Ella and Adam?

“Because she knows he’d go mad. She doesn’t tell him to protect him and to protect Adam. But she warns Adam if he doesn’t sort it out then she will.”

And does he?

“He tells Moira he will. In the meantime Moira lets Ella know that she knows what’s going on and what she’ll do if it doesn’t end. You can see that while you can take the girl out of Glasgow you can’t take Glasgow out of the girl!”

We suspect there’s more trouble to come…

“Definitely. Lots of it with lots of twists and turns. The audience love it when they know something some of the characters don’t. It’s going to get very exciting – especially when it all comes out!

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