Emmerdale Amanda Donohoe reveals falling in love with Declan can only lead to trouble for Natasha…

Would Natasha feel able to start a new relationship knowing that she’s killed her husband?
“You wouldn’t think so, would you? But Natasha finds herself drawn to Declan. He’s her equal and she enjoys having some male attention.”

Which doesn’t go unnoticed by Nathan. Does his dislike of Declan bother her?
“Nathan’s unreasonably jealous of Declan and does everything to stop them having a relationship. Natasha says to Nathan ‘Let me do something for me for once.’ But even though he knows what his father put his mother through, as always, Nathan’s only thinking of Nathan.”

How about Maisie? There was a rumour that she and Natasha would both be involved in a love triangle with Declan.
“Certainly at the moment Maisie doesn’t fancy Declan at all… She’s pleased for her mum and tells her to go for it.”

If Natasha and Declan have a full-blown relationship wouldn’t Natasha worry he might find out she killed Mark?
“She’d be starting a relationship based on a lie which is exactly what Mark did to her. It is rather pot/kettle/black… But Natasha’s a decent person at heart who was pushed into a crime of passion and now she has no idea how to get out of it, but to deny it. So getting into a relationship with Declan is a way of denying it ever happened.”

Is she at all worried about the business decisions Declan is making… like closing the farm shop?
“Personally I’m surprised that she’s not worried, but Natasha does seem to have confidence in this guy.”

Doesn’t she even question his decision?
“She’s concerned that Rodney, Leyla and Doug will lose their jobs but Declan convinces her it’s necessary. Later he tells Natasha it’s not about business, it’s about them… and moves in to kiss her!”

Does she return the kiss?
“She’s flattered and tempted, but she’s too wary to let herself get carried away. She tells him they should take things slowly.”

Can she risk antagonising Nathan by pursuing a relationship with Declan?
“She’s determined not to let her son run her life, but I fear like most mothers she gives him the benefit of the doubt when she should be wary of him. The truth is she has no idea just how evil Nathan can be…”