Emmerdale actor Lyndon Ogbourne warns no one should be fooled by Nathan’s good guy act… This is one leopard whose spots are indelible!

Where has Nathan been?
“London, but he hasn’t been working. He’s been on quite a few vicious benders as he’s tried to make sense of what’s happened.”

And has he made sense of it?
“Not at all. He still hates his mother for killing his father even though he hated his father for what he did. He’s totally messed up and has so many demons.”

What’s he most messed up by… his father’s lies or his mum being a killer?
“Both. He feels like a non-person. How can he even be a Wylde when his father was really Daniel Lamb? He trusted his mother, but then she told him she’d killed Mark and he felt like she’d betrayed him too.”

Is Natasha pleased to have him home?
“Maisie and Will are delighted, but not Natasha. She’s freaked out he’s back. And when she finds out Maisie told him about Declan, she’s sure he’s up to something.”

And is he?
“Of course. He’s very contrite and charming and tells Natasha he wants to come home to help her. The wanting to come home bit is true – he’s missed the security of being in Emmerdale. But the helping her bit isn’t.”

Is Natasha worried he’ll reveal she killed Mark?
“Absolutely. Any mention of Mark sets her on edge. Nathan tells her that the truth is bound to come out one day and when it does, won’t it be better he’s on her side? She’s unnerved, but she goes along with it… she doesn’t really have any choice.”

Does he give her back the money he blackmailed out of her?
“He could… he’s hardly spent any of the money. I think he felt it wasn’t really his to spend. But he intends to use the money as a tool. He tells Natasha he intends to buy his way back into the business.”

He can’t be happy to learn Natasha’s in business with Declan now…
“He expected to return as the man of the house and the business. He tries to force Declan into selling back his share, but Declan insists he’s going nowhere. Nathan very quickly hates Declan with a passion.”

What’s Nathan’s ultimate plan?
“To regain control of the estate and see Maisie and Will right before getting revenge on Natasha, Faye, Ryan… and now Declan, too. Nathan seems changed, but scratch the surface and you’ll find the devil!”