New Emmerdale star Tom reveals Nicola’s bombshell

Emmerdale newcomer Tom Mannion talks to Soaplife about being Bernice’s other man, Steve – and how their affair blows his marriage apart and leaves him with nowhere to stay but Emmerdale…

So how does Steve make his appearance in the village?

“He follows Bernice there. They’ve been having an affair and she has run away from her marriage. Steve’s supposed to have told his wife of 25 years about Bernice, but Nicola beats him to it. She grabs Bernice’s phone, calls the wife and says this affair is going on. With Nicola’s interference and Steve’s marriage wrecked, he makes a rather explosive entrance.”

And he’s forced to stay in the village?

“Nicola changes his future for him. Steve’s not happy at all. He’s not in charge of his own destiny – he has had the rug pulled from under him. I don’t think he expected his affair with Bernice to go the way it has and now he’s terrified about his marriage break-up. He has found himself in a situation he isn’t prepared for.”

So how does Steve feel about everything now?

“He’s in unknown territory both emotionally and physically. He’s essentially got to make a fresh start. But he’s got a bit of money and will pay his way by working with horses in the area.”

Ah, Steve knows about horses…

“Steve’s a passionate trainer, rider and breeder of horses – racehorses in particular. His life up until now has been very much focused on his career. Now he’s going to find himself helping Katie at her stables because of her injuries from her accident.”