Nicola fights dirty!

Emmerdale Nicola Wheeler fears if Nicola doesn’t act quick she will lose Jimmy to Kelly

How is Nicola coping with Jimmy having no memory of their love or their child?

“Not well. She’s trying to be patient but Kelly’s doing all she can to take Jimmy away. Nicola’s trying hard to be honest and not to con Jimmy into liking her more.”

Does a bit of her fear that maybe she isn’t the love of Jimmy’s life after all?

“It’s not that… not until she finds out Jimmy and Kelly may have been having an affair. It’s more that, given the choice now, Jimmy would rather be with Kelly.”

How is Nicola coping with the news that Jimmy’s the father of Kelly’s son Elliot?

“Not great but she’s more worried about an affair than Elliot being Jimmy’s son. She accepts Jimmy wants to provide for Elliot.”

Does she believe Elliot is Jimmy’s son?

“She’s in two minds about it but obviously a paternity test has been done. If Elliot really is Jimmy’s son at least it explains why Jimmy was taking money from their account and why he met up with Kelly.”

How does Nicola feel when she sees Jimmy handing cash to Kelly?

“She makes a comment and Jimmy makes her feel guilty by saying if he’s paying for Angelica he has to do the same for Elliot.”

Kelly’s lying that Jimmy decided to leave Nicola before the accident and wins him over with fake proof of their affair… Has Nicola any idea how close Jimmy is to telling her he’s leaving her?

“None. She’s trying to be sympathetic and suggesting to Jimmy he shouldn’t make rash decisions that will completely destroy their relationship until he’s better. Nicola understand Jimmy’s being manipulated by Kelly but there’s only so much she can take… and forgive.”

Has Nicola considered Kelly might genuinely love Jimmy?

“Not at all. Nicola’s sure Kelly just wants a husband and a provider because Kelly hasn’t been honest with Jimmy about how he felt when they split on their wedding day. She’s doing the rose-tinted specs bit.”

Might Nicola go as far as trying to bribe Kelly to leave?

“She’s desperate to get Kelly out of their lives. There’s no saying what she might do.”

How do you rate Nicola’s chances against Kelly of winning Jimmy?

“Jimmy’s so taken in with Kelly that Nicola starts to wonder if she wants him any more. His friends and family are all telling him the truth yet he chooses to believe Kelly. OK, he’s lost his memory but that doesn’t excuse him everything.”

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