Nicola Wheeler reveals Nicola’s baby shock!

When Nicola talks adoption, Jimmy finally talks true love, reveals Emmerdale actress Nicola Wheeler…

Jimmy has proposed. Why won’t Nicola believe he’s genuine about his feelings?

“She’s convinced Jimmy only wants her because of the baby. She feels like a surrogate mother. It’s like he’s using her and doesn’t love her, and she wants more. She wants them to be a proper couple.”

Does she mean it when she tells him she’s going to put their baby up for adoption?

“It could be a case of Nicola doing the opposite of what everyone wants. It’s Laurel who makes her reconsider and decide to keep the baby.”

Will she reconsider Jimmy too?

“He begs to play a role in the baby’s life and she agrees to a financial one. Next thing he turns up with a legal document and asks her to sign to confirm his rights as the father.”

Does she sign?

“No way. It’s as good as him saying he doesn’t trust her and there’s yet another row.”

So how does Jimmy end up going to the baby scan with her?

“Laurel’s determined to get them back together and tells Jimmy about the scan. He legs it to the hospital and they end up thrown out of the scan because they’re arguing so much.”

Do they manage to calm down?

“After a while they go back in and when the image of their baby appears everything changes…”

Changes how?

“Jimmy’s reaction is so emotional and overwhelming. He grabs Nicola’s hand and says something like ‘Look at our baby, we made it together.’ He’s so loving towards her. She can’t help but be affected, and in a good way.”

So they get back together?

“Nicola moves back in with Jimmy and is happy. She thinks, yes, maybe they can be a united mum and dad.”

Are we sure it’s definitely Jimmy’s baby, not David’s?

“I keep getting asked this! There won’t be any revelation that the baby’s not Jimmy’s because, quite simply, it is.”

So will Nicola and Jimmy play happy families? Even marry?

“That seems to be the idea, but come on this is Nicola and Jimmy we’re talking about here. It’s going to be a bumpy old ride.”

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