‘Nikhil is being rubbish, so Gennie goes for it!’

Emmerdale‘s Sian Reese-Williams reveals to Soaplife how Gennie gives up Nicky, a gorgeous man who loves her, for Nikhil, who’s a fool in love with her…

Gennie’s surprised, isn’t she, when Nikhil stands up to his mum over her?

“Yes. Having seen the way his family treat him, she realises that is a really massive thing.”

But Nicky loves her…

“She thinks he’s a great guy, but she doesn’t love him. When he said those words, it was clear they were words she didn’t want to hear and it has made the situation even more complicated for her.”

So does Nikhil’s heartfelt apology. How does that come about?

“Gennie and Nikhil have been sitting chatting about their mums who treat them in the same way and put them down. His apology is nothing new, really. He’s constantly apologising to her. But then he tells her to take the afternoon off and she’s really disappointed because she wants to stay for the day and spend time with him.”

Then he calls her back…

“She’s quite surprised, but also excited she’s going back to see him. She finds him waiting with a bottle of wine and she doesn’t really know where to put herself.”

But they end up arguing – again!

“Yes, because Nikhil says Nicky’s not good enough for Gennie and he wishes she could see that. Gennie’s furious and asks him if that’s what this is all about. And Nikhil says no, it’s because he loves her!”

At last! Is Gennie thrilled?

“She’s absolutely exasperated! The timing is terrible! She’s got two men saying they love her now. Gennie shouts at Nikhil, telling him love doesn’t have to be this difficult. He’s made it all so complicated.”

But she kisses him!

“Well, he’s Nikhil and he’s useless! He just stands there being rubbish so Gennie goes for it.”

And does Nikhil kiss her back?

“It gets quite passionate quite quickly! But Jai interrupts them and Gennie leaves. She spends all night wondering what she should do. Katie says she’s being an idiot because Nikhil is clearly messing her around but, you know, Gennie’s in love with Nikhil and now he’s told her he feels the same. She goes to work and Nikhil tells her he meant what he said. She decides she must go with her heart.”

So she dumps Nicky?

“Yes – and he’s gutted. He says much the same as Katie – that Nikhil’s laughing at her and taking the mickey. But sometimes you can find yourself staying with the wrong person because it’s easy, safe and you’re not going to get hurt. Gennie bites the bullet and admits to herself that she can’t pretend any more.”

It’s Nikhil she wants, then. But will she stay working at the factory now?

“Yes. She loves Nikhil and loves being there with him all day and every day. She tells him to shred her resignation letter even though his mum won’t like it. It’s a bit of a test in a way. Gennie needs to know that Nikhil is really on her side over everything. He passes the test, tells her he’ll do it and that he doesn’t care what his mum thinks.

Can you see them living happily ever after?

“I’d like them to! They’re made for each other; both a bit clueless and romantic. Gennie’s really good for Nikhil – he needs her in his life to make him not be an idiot and he checks himself when she’s around. We’ll have to see whether he’s good for her.”

Would you like a big soap wedding?

“Yeah! Gennie would be Doris Day in a wedding dress – full skirt, big hair, little veil, lace gloves.”