Nikhil plays hard to get!

Emmerdale’s Rik Makarem hints it could be more than just respect that’s keeping Nikhil out of Maisie’s bed…

It’s been hinted that there’s a secret reason Nikhil isn’t jumping into bed with Maisie… Is there?

“There may well be something that’s making him hold back but you’re not getting it out of me today!”

But he does fancy Maisie?

“More than that. Obviously she’s extremely attractive but Nikhil’s able to see a greater depth to Maisie than most people do. She’s known as a player, a bit of a good-time girl, but he can see beyond that. He sees that she’s vulnerable.”

Jai reckons he’s punching above his weight with Maisie…

“Jai says he’ll never be able to contain her but Nikhil likes a challenge. He and Maisie are different but she needs someone like Nikhil to ground her. Someone who isn’t just out for fun. He thinks they could have a serious relationship.”

Yet Nikhil seems to be leaving it to Maisie to make most of the running… Why’s that?

“Nikhil was tentative about asking her out at first because it was like everyone was expecting him to make a move and the nerves just got to him. She may be making the running now but that may well change.”

Why does Nikhil turn Maisie down when she offers to stay over at his?

“He feels it’s too early for that kind of thing. He wants to make sure it’s right before their relationship goes on to the next level. The way he sees it, if Maisie really likes him she’ll respect his wishes and go at his pace. The roles are reversed, I guess. That’s usually the girl’s line, isn’t it?”

Isn’t he worried he might put Maisie off if he keeps rejecting her?

“Nikhil has integrity and although Maisie may resent the fact he hasn’t immediately jumped into bed with her, ultimately this could be his winning card.”

So one day soon he will be ready to take things to the next level with her?

“Absolutely. There’s a real synergy and chemistry between them. I think they’d be one of the strongest couples in the village – better together than apart.”

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