Emmerdale’s Rik Makarem is loving Nikhil’s first romance… But warns there’s more to it than love.

Nikhil’s tall, dark, handsome and successful. So why’s he single?

“He’s had a few relationships, but nothing really serious. I get the impression he’s been let down in love so he’s understandably cautious. Also, until recently, his priority’s been the business, but now his brother Jai’s taken on some of the responsibility, Nikhil can concentrate on other things.”

Such as Debbie…

“Nikhil’s like a loved-up puppy when Debbie’s around. Jai’s not happy about it, though, and warns Nikhil the Dingles are dodgy and even dangerous.”

Does Nikhil take any notice?

“If anything Jai’s words have the opposite effect. Nikhil says it’s fine and he can handle it.”

What attracts Nikhil to Debbie?

“She’s very pretty, but there’s more to it than that. He was attracted to her mother Charity because she’s just so out there. But Charity’s too intimidating and Nikhil decided she was out of his league. Debbie has the same feistiness but she seems much softer.”

Does she give him any sign that she might fancy him back?

“To a certain extent. She seems to respond positively when he flirts with her. He’s a bit blinded by his own feelings though. He asks her out for drinks and is delighted when she accepts. It’s still very much on a friends basis, but he’s planning for that to change.”

Is this the start of the big Nikhil story we’ve been waiting for?

“I’m delighted to say it is. It’s a cracking storyline involving Nikhil, Debbie, Charity and Cain.”

It doesn’t sound like a straightforward love story…

“It’s not… Nikhil’s going to find himself up to his neck in it.”

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