Oh Cain… What have you done now?

Emmerdale‘s Jeff Hordley tells Soaplife that Cain cheats with Faye to get even with Charity for sleeping with Jai… only she hasn’t!

Why doesn’t Cain believe Charity when she repeatedly tells him she’s just using Jai to further her career?

“Because she’s constantly flirting with Jai and Jai’s flirting with her back. Cain knows Charity and he’s convinced she’s having an affair with Jai – or on the verge of having one. It’s winding Cain up a treat. Charity and Jai seem to know just which buttons to press to get him going.”

Does he now regret wrecking the barn because it means Charity’s spending even more time with Jai?

“There is an element of that. Cain’s pushed Charity and Jai closer together rather than forcing them apart.”

How does Cain feel when Faye ‘lets it slip’ that Charity and Jai are going away on a business trip together?

“He’s instantly suspicious. They’re only going to Leeds so why do they need to stay in a hotel? When he questions Charity about it, she tells him yet again to trust her. Cain sees her off, pretending everything is fine, but it’s not really. He’s livid and convinced she’s going to cheat on him.”

Debbie tells him to get a grip – does he?

“Debbie says he’s got to trust Charity and that he should be sorry for the way he’s behaving. Debbie suggests that he buy some flowers and champagne for Charity. Cain takes all this on board. Maybe Debbie’s got a point. He buys flowers and champagne and drives to the hotel, planning on surprising Charity.”

What happens next?

“Cain asks the receptionist which room Mrs Tate is in, but he’s informed that no Mrs Tate is booked in. He then enquires about a Mr Sharma and is told that Mr Sharma was staying there, but left about an hour before with his companion. Cain asks the receptionist whether Mr Sharma and his companion were just booked into one room. The receptionist replies that she’s not at liberty to give out such information, but it’s obvious that there was only one room.”

So Charity has slept with Jai!

“No! The reason Charity and Jai left that hotel was because Jai had only booked one room, obviously thinking he would get lucky with Charity. But she was having none of it and insisted he book another room. The first hotel didn’t have any other rooms free so they had to go to another hotel. Cain doesn’t know this, though, and is more convinced than ever that Charity is cheating on him.”

Does he try to find Charity?

“No, he goes back to the village. He sees Faye who’s been bitching about Jai and Charity, and winding Cain up about them, and they get together. It’s a mutual thing and they end up spending the night together. They’ve slept together before so it’s not like a first for either of them. It’s just sex, plus it’s a way for them both to get back at Charity and Jai. Cain has no feelings of guilt. To his mind, Charity’s played away and now he has, too. In his mind, they’re even.”

What happens when Charity sees Cain leaving Faye’s the next morning?

“Not just leaving – she sees Cain kissing her goodbye. Charity immediately knows what he’s been up to. When she then accuses him, he doesn’t deny it and admits he has slept with Faye, but tells Charity he’s ‘within his rights’ as she’s slept with Jai. It’s a tit-for-tat thing for Cain. She’s telling the truth when she tells Cain that she hasn’t slept with Jai, but he doesn’t believe her for a second.”

How does Charity react?

“She tells him he’s dumped and that she’s moving out. Cain just thinks, ‘She’ll be back’ but he isn’t happy. He thinks she’s probably gone straight to Jai’s, but she says she’s taking Noah and leaving the country. Cain, meanwhile, sleeps with Faye again. He just thinks ‘why not?’ It’s wholly a sexual thing. He has no feelings for Faye.”

Does Charity end up going abroad?

“No. Cain and Charity have a massive argument ,but even after that he still thinks she’ll come round before long. It’s not going to be that straightforward, though. This storyline is going to go on and on. Charity doesn’t come round and Cain’s really going to have to fight for her. I think he’ll do what he can to get her back as, at the end of the day, she is the love of his life.”