Paddy dumps Chas!

Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt says Paddy will never let Chas break his heart again!

Does Paddy suspect Chas slept with Carl when he gets back from his vet’s course?

“He only went away because she assured him there was no way she’d sleep with Carl. So when he comes back and everything seems fine, he’s relieved.”

Is Chas pleased to see him?

“Totally. They’re very loved-up and he buys her champagne, chocolates, the lot…”

And then Carl bursts his bubble…

“Carl sees how happy Paddy is and he’s jealous. Chas won’t tell Paddy so Carl does it. He tells Paddy that he and Chas slept together and Chas no longer wants to be with him.”

What’s Paddy’s reaction to that?

“When Carl tells Paddy he wants a quiet word, Paddy starts joking around because he sort of knows and fears what’s coming next. When Carl spells it out, Paddy is crushed. He totally loses it and lashes out and tries to fight Carl. But it’s pitiful – Paddy’s not too handy with his fists. He ends up on the floor with his glasses knocked off.”

Does he confront Chas?

“He smashes up the vet’s surgery in fury then bags up her stuff, finds her at the pub and tips her clothes all over the floor in front of everyone. He screams that he hates her for what she’s done and wants her out of his life.”

Might he have forgiven her if she had confessed herself?

“The fact Carl told him rather than Chas makes it worse. She’s lied to him. When he told her he loved and missed her she said she loved him and had missed him too.”

Does he really want her out of his life?

“Not at all, but he feels he has no option. Chas pleads with him to give her another chance but she can’t deny it when he asks her if she loves Carl. Paddy always feared Chas would go back to Carl. He was almost expecting it. He knows Carl’s the love of her life.”

How does he feel when Chas moves in with Carl?

“This really rubs salt into his wounds. Chas reckons she’s got no option but she could have gone to the B&B or something. It just confirms to Paddy that Chas has wanted to be with Carl all along.”

Might he still give her another chance?

“I honestly don’t know. Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, and I have the best time working together, but although a long-term storyline conference was held the other day we haven’t been told the outcome. But Paddy can’t let Chas break his heart again.”

Are you fed up that Paddy’s always a loser?

“I love him to bits! He’s only a loser in love. He’s very successful in his work and such

a sweet bloke. I never get tired of him.”

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