Pauline: ‘Hazel wants her boy back!’

Emmerdale star Pauline Quirke reveals to Soaplife that Hazel can’t bear to let Jackson go… and is terrified she’ll lose Aaron, too

Hazel felt helping Jackson end his life was the right thing to do because it was what Jackson wanted. She still believes it but that doesn’t mean losing him is any easier to bear. “She’s turned his room into a shrine… She just wants to be in that room where Jackson was,” Pauline tells Soaplife. “It’s her way of coping.” Or not coping…

So is that why Hazel’s turning visitors away from Dale Head?

“Hazel’s been stopping everyone from coming into the house and she’s not going out. When Chas storms in we see she’s turned Jackson’s room into a shrine to him. It’s obviously disturbing and isn’t healthy.”

How does Chas react?

“Hazel explains she wants to be close to Jackson and Chas lets Bob and Aaron know Hazel needs friends.”

Is Hazel doubting what she and Aaron did for Jackson?

“She has obviously done what was asked of her and she still firmly believes she did the right thing, it was what Jackson wanted. But of course now reality’s hitting home and she’s not coping very well at all.”

Assisted suicide is illegal… Did they really think they would get away with it?

“They were going along with what Jackson had planned. Hazel thought it was all going to be OK because Jackson had made sure it was. She was just thinking about what he wanted – everything else afterwards came as a huge shock.”

Is Aaron able to comfort Hazel?

“Yes, he is. Because they’re the two people in this world that went through it. He reassures her it’s all going to be all right. Obviously there are still a lot of doubts in her mind, but they have a close relationship.”

Is Hazel confident Aaron will walk free after the trial?

“She wants to believe it’ll be all right but she’s starting to panic. She’s terrified she’s going to fall to pieces in the witness box. She feels under immense pressure to get it right, but to be honest she doesn’t know what the hell’s going to happen.”

How will she feel if Aaron does get sent down?

“Devastated. She feels terribly guilty she wasn’t able to do what Jackson wanted at the last minute and that her act of letting Aaron give the drink to Jackson turned everything on its head. So whatever guilt she’s got for what’s already happened she will have that on top. As she says: ‘I’ve already lost one boy. I don’t want to lose another…’.”