Pollard bans Diane from her sister Val’s funeral in Emmerdale

Eric Pollard is struggling in the aftermath of his partner Val’s death in the Emmerdale helicopter crash and as her funeral approaches he’s looking to vent his rage… Val’s sister Diane should probably keep well away from him, but instead tries to help Pollard by cleaning up his house.

But when she accidentally washes Val’s lipstick stain from a cup it sends Pollard ballistic!


Doug watches on stunned as Pollard cruelly bans Diane from her Val’s funeral.


Val let Diane be rescued first from the mirror maze, and now Pollard is blaming her.


Doug leaps to Diane’s defence. Will there be a full-on fight before the funeral?


Val’s son Paul returns to the village for his mum’s funeral. But is Pollard going to make it through the ceremony?


Pollard’s friends and family are there to support him through Val’s rather unusual send off. But can he face saying a final goodbye to his beloved?

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