‘Prison has damaged Belle,’ warns Emmerdale’s Eden Taylor-Draper

Emmerdale’s Eden Taylor-Draper tells Soaplife that Belle’s a very troubled teen…

Belle’s done her time for her part in Gemma’s death and is back in the bosom of her family, but it’s not all smiles and welcome home parties. Belle finds it difficult to adjust to life on the outside and some very strange things start happening. “Belle puts on a great performance, but she has come out of prison feeling like a different person. It has damaged her,” says Eden. And will that damage Belle’s chance to start over?

How does Belle feel about being released?
“She loves being back home. She walks through the door and all the Dingles are there to give her a warm welcome. She seems like the normal, old Belle, but inside she’s struggling.”

What happens on her first day back at school?
“Gabby, of all people, gets all her little friends to circle Belle. They prod her, pull her hair and say she’s ugly, she’s nasty and a murderer. It really messes with Belle’s head, but she stays calm and steps away. However, she doesn’t actually go to school after that. She hates it and bunks off.”

What does Lisa (Jane Cox) do when Belle says she won’t go to school again?
“She gets a tutor in to home-school Belle, who thinks it’s great as she can crack on with lessons and stay in her little bubble without having to deal with people.”

She does visit Gemma’s shrine, though…
“She’s there tidying it up as it’s not in a good condition. Then Lachlan’s dog tramples over everything. Lachlan [Thomas Atkinson] asks Belle if she knew Gemma and she finds that hard to deal with. He’s so full on about death and stuff that it kind of creeps her out. She doesn’t know who he is until Debbie points him out later.”

And then Belle dates him…
“Debbie [Charley Webb] encourages her to, but it doesn’t go well and Belle ends up leaving.”

She cheers up when Marlon (Mark Charnock) asks her to mind April, doesn’t she?
“It’s a massive step for Belle as she’s being given some responsibility. For so long, she’s been treated like a baby. However, Marlon then sees Belle being awful to Gabby, absolutely disgusting, in fact, and doesn’t want her anywhere near April. I think this is where Belle’s past comes into play and Gabby also has issues.”

Who spray paints ‘murderer’ on the Dingles’ wall?
“We don’t know. It’s horrible for Belle, though. She’s being bullied and nobody understands why or who it is.”

Are you glad to be back?
“Yes. I took some time out to do my exams and I am so happy to be back. It’s great that there’s so much kicking off with Belle.”

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