Priya thinks it’s time to unarrange the wedding! Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade reveals all

Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade tells Soaplife that now Priya has her arranged marriage, she has become anxious, stopped eating again and thinks maybe the wedding needs to be unarranged!

Priya looks like a princess in her wedding dress, Home Farm Estate is a blaze of colour and the Sharmas are thrilled to be hosting a wedding. There’s only one problem: Priya’s woken from her dream of an instant happy family and been hit by reality… “Rakesh fits certain criteria, but now she realises she doesn’t know him,” Fiona tells Soaplife.  Is she about to call it all off?

So on the big day Priya starts having doubts?
“She realises she doesn’t know any of his family members who come to the wedding. Things he is doing start to irritate her and she thinks, ‘I don’t even know you’. She does fancy him, but they haven’t even really kissed and she is wondering if that side of things will work.”

But Rakesh (Pasha Bocarie) tells Priya he loves her, doesn’t he?
“Yes and it throws her and she thinks, ‘I don’t love you back yet’.  Inside, she is worried that she may never have those feelings for Rakesh.”

She’s so worried she stops eating again…
“Yes. The anorexia rears its head. She hides her breakfast on the morning of the wedding and then she ends up locking herself in the bathroom.”

But Rakesh talks his way in, doesn’t he?
“Yes. She’s in her wedding dress and pretends that everything is fine, but he sits her down and says, ‘You’re not leaving this bathroom until you tell me what’s wrong’. She explains that she doesn’t love him yet and breaks down.”

How does Rakesh react?
“He suggests calling the wedding off. He’s a good man and he loves Priya. She knows that so she says, ‘Let’s just do this. You love me and I know you are a lovely guy’.”

So do they?
“You’ll have to wait and see!”

Should they?
“That’s a difficult one. He genuinely cares for her, but there’s a side of him we don’t really know. Priya still hasn’t found out the reason why Jai [Chris Bisson] loathes Rakesh so much. He does this look and you think, ‘Is he a good guy or a bad guy?’. I still don’t know!”

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