Emmerdale‘s Sammy Winward reveals to Soaplife how her character ends up in bed with Andy – again!

Sammy’s been playing Katie since she was 15 and has seen her through a lot of ups and downs. As a schoolgirl, Katie fell for Andy Sugden, got pregnant and miscarried his baby. They went ahead and married, but she was having an affair with Andy’s brother, Robert. Once Andy found out, their marriage failed but, more recently, they have become friends, with Katie encouraging Andy to learn how to control his violent temper with anger management sessions. She’s been a shoulder for him to cry on but then they somehow talk themselves into bed together. Soaplife talks to Sammy about her character’s recent developments…

So, how has Katie got herself involved with Andy and his problems again?
“She knows she’s probably the only person in the village who can help him. There’s Diane, of course, but Diane has her own problems right now. Katie’s quite forceful with Andy and tells him he’s got to address his issues.”

What happens when Katie takes Andy to his counselling session?
“Andy says Katie’s to blame for his problems. If she hadn’t had an affair with his brother, he’d be fine. Katie’s furious. OK – her affair with Robert undeniably hurt Andy, but his problems started way before then. His natural father was a crook who couldn’t look after his children, plus there was all the fallout after Andy accidentally killed his adoptive mother, Sarah. They have a huge row when they get home and Andy smashes a cup against a wall. Katie’s horrified to see that Andy’s as angry as ever.”

Does Andy apologise?
“The next day he does, but then so does Katie. She goes round to Andy’s and they both admit that they were at fault. They had loved each other so much. They have a bit of a heart-to-heart and end up reminiscing about their relationship and marriage. One thing leads to another and…”

Go on – we want to know!
“Well, they kiss to begin with. Andy instigates it, but Katie hardly pulls away. She thinks ‘Oh sod it! Why not?’ and they end up in bed.”

How does Katie feel afterwards?
“She regrets what’s happened. It was just for old times’ sake as far as Katie is concerned. She still cares for Andy, but feels getting back with him just wouldn’t work. Andy clearly wants it to be more than just a one-off. He’s hurt when she tells him how she feels but there’s nothing he can do about it.”

What does she tell Adele when Adele asks what’s going on between her and Andy?
“Katie just says she’s trying to help Andy out. They have a long, complicated history between them. They were married, of course, and Katie genuinely still cares for him.”

Why does Katie later tell Adele she spent the night with Declan?
“Because Adele sees her wearing the same clothes she was wearing the day before so it’s obvious Katie spent the night with someone. Katie doesn’t want to lie to Adele, but she knows Adele won’t be happy to find out what happened, even though she’s finished with Andy. When Adele was going out with Andy, she was always a bit suspicious about Andy and Katie’s relationship.”

We can’t see this staying a secret, though…
“No. Katie doesn’t tell anyone, but Andy tells Diane! Diane comes up to Katie and has a go at her for sleeping with Andy and getting his hopes up.”

So, what we want to know now is: will Katie and Andy get back together?
“It’s a bit of a weird one. There’s obviously a possibility, but I honestly don’t know at this stage – there’s nothing in the scripts as yet. Maybe too much has happened to both of them for them ever to happily go back to the way they were.”

Was it strange going back to doing scenes together after all this time?
“Kelvin [Fletcher, who plays Andy] and I managed to get back into it very quickly. We’re very comfortable working together.”