Rik Makarem: ‘Gennie gets possessed by the wedding’

Rik Makarem explains to Soaplife why Nikhil suddenly feels the urge to end his seemingly endless engagement to Gennie and marry her as soon as possible in Emmerdale

Why haven’t Nikhil and Gennie married before now?
“It’s been a lengthy engagement, I know. But during that time they’ve had Molly and when something life-changing like having a child occurs, the family unit becomes far more important. Because of what’s happening now with Brenda, Nikhil wants to create security for Gennie and also try to bring some positivity.”

So how does Gennie react to Nikhil’s proposal that they get married immediately?
“Not well… she thinks it’s very insensitive. The last thing on her mind right now is a lovely, romantic celebration. When your mum’s potentially dying, thinking about getting married seems all wrong. Nikhil tries to explain his thinking, but she can’t see where he’s coming from.”

But they do end up planning to marry sooner rather than later…
“Yes, eventually Gennie sees Nikhil’s logic. They’re thinking about Home Farm for the venue and want to create a really magical day. Wedding planner Alicia’s on hand to help them with this as they don’t have much time. But Gennie has strong ideas of how the wedding should be.”

How does their get-wed-quick idea go down?
“Not too well. Brenda thinks the wedding is an attempt to force her to have the surgery. It’s not, but this causes friction between Gennie and Brenda. Georgia can’t see how they can organise everything in two weeks. And Priya’s put out because she feels her wedding to David has been upstaged by Nikhil and Gennie’s plans.”

Then Nikhil suddenly has doubts about Gennie’s reasons for marrying him…
“Nikhil starts realising that Gennie’s involvement in organising this wedding has taken on a new meaning. Brenda says she’s not going to the wedding and Gennie says the wedding is going to happen with or without Brenda. Gennie’s whole energy about the organisation of the wedding becomes possessed. The romance and magic is lost and this creates a few doubts in Nikhil’s mind.”
But Priya speaks to Gennie and she’s able to assure Nikhil that she’s marrying him because she loves him…
“I know women think it’s all about the bride, but guys have emotions, too, and Nikhil’s wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of his life as well!”

Will Gennie really get married with or without Brenda?
“I don’t think Nikhil believes that. Being a perfectionist, he wants everything to be just right. But, considering the circumstances, it will be extra emotional…”


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