Emmerdale star Rik Makarem has promised that his character Nikhil Sharma will make an ’emotional’ depature from the soap.

The actor – who is set for some harrowing scenes this week in the aftermath of wife Gennie’s death – has already filmed his final scenes, with the character due to leave in August.

And he admitted he was ‘in tears’ at his recent leaving party.

“My lovely co-stars Chris Bisson and Matthew Wolfenden gave a lovely speech and I was gifted a quirky cariacture picture of the Sharma family,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

The character’s forthcoming storylines will see the villagers concerned he is having a breakdown after he blames himself for Gennie’s death and appears unable to care for daughter Molly.

And Rik added that while he was leaving Emmerdale he had given himself the option to come back at some point.

“I certainly don’t want the door to be closed on the character, so we’ll have to see if he can ever return,” the former Torchwood star said.

“I’m a classically trained actor, so at the moment I am craving a gritty drama role or a period piece.”

Gennie – played by Sian Reese-Williams – was killed off earlier this week in a dramatic storyline which saw serial killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) run her car off the road and them suffocate her as she attempted to call for help.

The tense scenes unfolded after Gennie overheard him confessing the murders of Carl King and Alex Moss to girlfriend Debbie Dingle.