‘Rishi wants Nikhil to take over from drugged up Jai,’ says Emmerdale’s Bhasker Patel

Rishi decides enough is enough and he kicks Jai out of the factory and calls Nikhil for help. Emmerdale’s Bhasker Patel gives Soaplife all the drama…

Since he started snorting the old Columbian marching powder on a regular basis, Jai Sharma [Chris Bisson] been strutting around that factory like Al Pacino in Scarface and his dad, Rishi, has had enough. Realising his son is on a fast track to ruining the family business, Rishi sacks him – and puts in a call to good son Nikhil, asking him to return to Emmerdale to save the family business… And Nikhil does return, with daughter Molly.

Why doesn’t Rishi let Priya (Fiona Wade) take over?
“He isn’t happy about that because she’s skipping meals and Rishi worries the pressure of running the business might cause her anorexia to return.”

Is he pleased to see Nikhil and Molly?
“Yes, he’s very happy. He hasn’t seen Molly for a long time and it’s wonderful to have her there. Brenda’s going to be happy about it, too. He doesn’t know if Nikhil [Rik Makarem] will stay for more than a few weeks as he runs a successful chain of hotels, but Rishi would love him to stick around.”

Is Rishi worried about Jai?
“Extremely. He hasn’t had a good time recently, what with his failed relationships with Rachel [Gemma Oaten], Charity [Emma Atkins] and Megan [Gaynor Faye], plus his drug taking.”

How does he sack Jai from what he thinks is his business?
“Rishi finds a legal loophole, which gives him the ability to sack anyone he likes.”

Would Rishi go as far as disowning Jai?
“No. Rishi blames himself for the mess Jai is in and he realises he has to be cruel to be kind.”

Emmerdale, ITV


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