Having a son has changed Robert Sugden for good and all he wants is to be allowed to see his little boy, Seb, this Christmas says Emmerdale actor Ryan Hawley…

Talk about a changed man. One minute Robert Sugden was giving Voldemort a run for his money, the next, he’s positively saintly and prepared to do anything to get into the White family’s good books so that he will be allowed to see his son Seb.

What’s the story?

“Robert is genuinely remorseful about what he did to the White family,” actor Ryan Hawley told Soaplife. “All that matters to him now is his son.” Will Robert get to see his lad on Christmas Day or will he be cast out into the cold?

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Ryan Hawley tells Soaplife how having a baby son has changed Robert for the better in Emmerdale

Soaplife: How is Robert feeling in the lead up to Christmas?

Ryan Hawley: “He is in a state of reflection about all of the diabolical things he has done. Seb’s birth has rewired his brain, his priorities have changed and all that matters to him now is his son.”

SL: How do the Whites treat him over the festive period? Will he be allowed to see Seb?

RH: “It is a bit of a role reversal as he is the one who is naïve and hopeful and has to have faith they will be true to their word. He hopes he will be able to see Seb, but the ball lies in their court . If they don’t let him see his son, he will have to go down the route of court hearings.”

SL: Is he jealous of ex-lover Aaron’s relationship with Alex?

RH: “Aaron has made Robert aware he doesn’t want to be with him and has a new guy in his life and as much as it hurts him to see that, he has other stuff going on with his son. There is an underlying hope that eventually they will get back together because they love each other.”

SL: Has Robert turned a corner?

RH: “Yes, it would seem he has with the way he has approached the Whites. Everything was there for the taking – the money, ownership and power etc, but he chose not to exploit it.”

SL: What can you tell us about the Christmas Day episode?

RH: “Stylistically it is very different to the normal episodes. It is a bit surreal and has a lot of things  in common with films like Groundhog Day and Christmas Carol. Things seem strange and not as they should be and Robert keeps waking to a different reality. I hope people will enjoy the situations Robert finds himself in.”

SL: What are you doing for Christmas, Ryan?

RH: I am looking forward to having two weeks where I don’t have to lift a finger, time to relax and be around family and enjoy Christmas; it is such a nice time to watch TV and enjoy the Christmas spirit and the cold weather

SL: What’s in store for Robert in 2018?

RH: There is some exciting stuff in January that is quite spectacular and further on into the year, I have heard rumours of Robert and Aaron being reunited. There is a lot to look forward to…