Emmerdale’s Michael Parr explains to Soaplife how Ross is forced to turn to serious crime to save Finn – and Donna, too?

Ross Barton’s crime spree starts to catch up with him when big time crook Gary North (Fergus O’Donnell) reveals that he was behind the terrifying attack on Finn. North wants Ross to do a job for him and he knows he can’t say “No”. Meanwhile, Donna panics as North gets close to April. “Gary threatens Donna, his family and little April. He has no choice but to do as he asks,” Michael tells Soaplife. 

How does Ross work out that Gary North staged the attack on Finn (Joe Gill)?

“Flowers are delivered to the hospital and the card says, ‘Say Hi to your brother’. It’s obvious the message is meant for Ross. Gary North then lays in wait for Ross. Ross punches him, but Gary says he must do a job for him to ensure his family’s safety.” 

How does Gary North know that Ross robbed him?

“I imagine he’s made a few calls, asked around for a handsome bad guy in the Yorkshire area and put two and two together…”

What does Donna (Verity Rushworth) plan to do about Gary North?

“She comes up with a plan to plant drugs at Gary’s house. Ross really wants to trust that Donna can deal with Gary. But the truth is, this is way over both their heads. Ross has never been in this deep before.”

How are things between Ross and Donna?

“They were good, but this situation is putting a lot of stress on them. Ross really does love Donna, as she’s the first woman who has ever accepted him for who he is. He loves her and wants to take care of her. He’s even willing to take care of April. He tells Donna he’s ready to change for her and he really means it.”


“I know. Ross thinks if he does this job for Gary North, it will keep him happy. After that, he plans to run away with Donna and live as part of a happy family.”

We know that can’t happen… How will Ross react when he finds out that Donna’s dying?

“He’ll be devastated. If he’d known this at the start, he might have stayed away from her. I’ve filmed those scenes now and they were the hardest thing I have ever done. It was very emotional and draining.”

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