Joe Tate faces Ross Barton armed and dangerous in Emmerdale reveals Ned Porteous

Emmerdale star Ned Porteous reveals Joe Tate's life is in danger when Ross Barton turns up and threatens to shoot him!

Emmerdale actor Ned Porteous tells Soaplife how Joe Tate reacts when Ross Barton comes after him with a gun…

What’s the story?

Joe Tate is no stranger to trouble and finds his life being threatened again when Ross Barton wrongly assumes that he had something to do with the acid attack that disfigured his face. “Ross wants the truth,” actor Ned Porteous tells Soaplife. “But Joe loves Debbie Dingle and would do anything to keep her out of harm’s way. ” Will Ross pull the trigger?

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Emmerdale actor Ned Porteous’s interview with Soaplife about what’s next for Joe Tate

Soaplife: What does Joe make of Ross?

Ned Porteous: “At the moment, I think there is a general level of compassion for him. Anybody would feel sympathy for someone who’s had something as atrocious as that happen to him.”

S: But then Ross turns up and points a gun at Joe and his butler Graham Foster… what happens?

NP: “Ross demands to know if he was behind the acid attack and paid Simon off and the gun does go off.”

S: What was that like to film?

NP: “We spent a whole day filming those scenes at Home Farm and had a team of armourers and stunt co-ordinators. The team made sure we were comfortable throughout, so it was just a breeze. Any scenes where the stakes are high are enjoyable to film, especially if you are working with someone like Ross actor Michael Parr who is just wicked at that sort of thing.”

S: Would Joe ever tell Ross that it was Debbie who ordered the attack?

NP: “He would never want to use anything against Debbie. He is definitely on her side. He cares about her deeply, so will do whatever he can to protect her.”

S: Is it true love?

NP: “On his part, yes. She is the first woman who has ever truly challenged him. I’d like to think that they could get back together and make things work. I think that’s what viewers want to see.”

What keeps Joe in Emmerdale?

NP: “Debbie is the main reason he is sticking around.”

How would he cope if he got injured?

NP: “He’s lucky because he has always got Graham who would be just around the corner to save the day.”

How does he feel about being so monumentally disliked?

NP: “He likes to stand out and be different, so I think he enjoys the power that comes with walking into a room and getting a thousand looks of shame thrown at him. But you know, he is human and everyone likes to have friends.”

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