‘Ross is about to get bashed up,’ reveals Emmerdale’s Michael Parr

Emmerdale’s Michael Parr tells Soaplife things will get ugly for Ross when he crosses villain Charlie…
Ross Barton has clearly got his mojo back. After months of misery following Donna’s death, he’s back to his old self, taking part in dodgy scams and flirting outrageously with his brother’s fiancée, Debbie Dingle. But there’s a price to pay for dicing with danger…

How has Ross been feeling since that intense moment with Debbie in the hotel?
“It’s put a few things into perspective. He and Debbie [Charley Webb] have been in close quarters recently and it’s been very exciting. What Ross likes about Debbie is that she isn’t offering it to him on a plate. He has to work his backside off.”

But she’s engaged to Pete [Anthony Quinlan]…?
“Something as small as a ring won’t stop Ross. Ross has it in his head that Debbie wants him and he thinks she’s just afraid because of her past experiences.”

Could Ross love Debbie like he did Donna?
“It would be a different kind of love. Ross and Donna would have had a really nice relationship, but Ross and Debbie would be arguing and most probably smacking each other all the time because they are such fiery characters.”

Does it bother him that Emma and Debbie don’t get on?
“No. Emma thinks she knows something is going on between Ross and Debbie and she’s making threats, but Ross has nothing to lose if the truth comes out. Debbie has though.”

What happens at Debbie and Pete’s engagement party?
“Debbie’s invited Carly. She thinks if she puts her with Ross, it might work out so she can go off and live this happy life with Pete. But Carly’s a bit too easy and straight for Ross. He likes the chase…”

What does Ross do when villain Charlie turns up?
“It’s a shock because Ross thought he’d got away with taking his money. Charlie’s clearly a dodgy character and he turns up with these heavies. Ross goes outside to confront Charlie. He gets in the car with Charlie alone, but Cain sees and wants to know what’s going on.”

What happens between Charlie and Ross?
“Ross manages to get himself out of it, but he opens another can of worms instead. Things are going to get ugly for him. I have black eyes and a cut lip for the stuff I’m filming right now. He’s getting bashed up!”


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