Ross is shot in Emmerdale! Star Michael Parr reveals how it happens

Ross Barton gets into all sorts of bother and his life is in danger when he decides to steal from his own family, explains star Michael Parr

Ross has been mixed up in all sorts of crime capers. Now, desperately in need of funds, he steals Moira’s cows and sells them on. It is not an entirely well thought through plan and when Moira finds out, she is not happy.

“Stealing on his own doorstep is a stupid thing to do,” Michael Parr told Soaplife. “And when he is caught out, he thinks he can come up with a way to deal with it.”

Why steal Moira’s cows?
“It is a way of making quick cash. Ross and his brothers are skint, he asked Moira for the cash for his side of the business, but she refused and now he sees no other way forward.”

Isn’t he afraid that Cain might find out?
“He isn’t scared of Cain [Jeff Hordley]. He is Moira’s ex, but then she is Ross’s auntie. I don’t think he would mind Debbie [Charley Webb] knowing, either. She already knows he is a bad lad and would probably want to be involved if she knew about it.”

How does Charity come to be involved?
“She finds Ross in the barn when she goes up to the farm to steal a lamb. Ross is bleeding as Moira [Natalie J Robb] has fired a shot at the thief, not realising that she hit somebody. Charity [Emma Atkins] wants to be part of it and have a cut of the profits. He is fine with that as he likes to have a tough woman by his side, as long as he is still the boss.”

What happens when Moira finds out what he’s been up to?
“She asks him to sign over his share of the business and obviously he doesn’t want that! So he decides to steal the cattle back, with Pete’s [Anthony Quinlan] help.”

How are things between Ross and Rebecca?
“Rebecca is stringing him along, but he knows that and likes being able to sleep with her every so often. Emily Head [who plays Rebecca] is great fun and we always have a laugh together.”

How does he feel about her pregnancy knowing he is not the father?
“He didn’t want another child, so wasn’t too bothered when he found out it wasn’t his. She is just a bit of fun for him. However, the fact that the baby is Robert’s [Ryan Hawley] is brilliant as he now has ammunition to use against him.”

Emmerdale, ITV