‘Ross wants Aaron to hurt the way he’s hurting,’ says Emmerdale’s Michael Parr

Emmerdale’s Michael Parr reveals to Soaplife that Ross is devastated by Donna’s death – and he thinks Aaron is to blame…

So Ross doesn’t think Donna’s dead because of him?
“Ross never blames himself. And, for once, it wasn’t his fault. Donna’s the one who wanted to rob Gary North’s house in the first place. Aaron’s the person Ross is after. He isn’t to blame at all, but Ross is pointing the finger at him and wants revenge.”

How does Ross plan to get his revenge?
“With his fists. He wants to make Aaron hurt the way he’s hurting. When Ross finds out Aaron [Danny Miller] is in the village, they have a few words… then all hell breaks loose and they’re swinging for one another.”

Ross is truly devastated by Donna’s death, isn’t he?
“Yes, he’s only loved two people in his life. One is his little brother, Finn [Joe Gill], and the other was Donna. He’s heartbroken.”

And angry because Donna didn’t tell him she was ill?
“Yes. He feels betrayed. Had Donna [Verity Rushworth] told him the truth, Ross would have made a go of it. He fell for her and he was willing to take on the responsibility of being a dad to April.”

Ross gives April the money Donna stole, doesn’t he?
“He does. It was Donna’s last wish to give April the money, but Marlon [Mark Charnock] burns it because Ross can’t explain where it came from.”

Does Ross tell Marlon he was seeing Donna?
“He tells Marlon he was there when Donna died and they were more than just partners in crime. Marlon hates Ross anyway and he was starting to feel things for Donna, so he’s horrified. He doesn’t want Ross to tell anyone else. He wants people to think Donna died a hero in the line of duty.”

How important is Debbie (Charley Webb) for Ross right now?
“She’s being an absolute diamond considering how nasty he was to her. She can see he’s on a path to self-destruction. Cain tries to get through to him, too, and explains what happened when he was dating a police officer. But Ross is in such a bad place, it doesn’t really get through.”

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